For over half a decade we have provided top notch financial services to a variety of clients
Over these years, we've supported SME businesses with funding to tap new opportunities and unlock growth
We offer an opportunity to enjoy high yield on your investment with prevailing interest rate at CardinalStone Finance
Get to know us

Get to Know Us

Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional financial solutions that are customized to our client’s specific requirements. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services aimed at assisting clients in reaching their financial objectives and maximizing the performance of their investment.

Our Product Offerings

Whether you are an SME/Entrepreneur looking for Finance with Value added Business Support, or an Investor with a vision for making a difference in the global market, access credit loans today

Invoice Discounting

Yet to receive payments for successfully executed contracts?  Our alternative business solution offers quick access to funds based on the receivables from already executed contracts.

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Asset Financing

Looking to acquire assets without an upfront purchase? Our Asset Financing solution provides an extended rental agreement, allowing you to access the assets you need

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Personal Loan

Our Personal Loan with a flexible tenor, is designed to provide short-term loans for individuals to meet their personal needs.

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Project Financing

Our Project Financing option is structured to support businesses achieve their developmental goals, while we rely primarily on the project’s cash flow for repayment.

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Achieve your dreams with our variety of Credit facilities

Unlock greater financial flexibility with our lending solutions. From small retail loans to large-scale institutional lending, our loan services have got you covered!

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