Working Capital Loan

Tailored for Micro, Small, and Medium scale enterprises, our flexible financing option supports your daily operational needs. Whether you’re managing seasonal sales or handling unexpected expenses, we’ve got something for you. Tenor is 12-48 months.

Other Products

Short Term Loan

Need financing for temporary business requirements? Our short-term business Loan is designed to meet your needs.

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Personal Loan

Our Personal Loan with a flexible tenor, is designed to provide short-term loans for individuals to meet their personal needs.

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Invoice Discounting

Yet to receive payments for successfully executed contracts?  Our alternative business solution offers quick access to funds based on the receivables from already executed...

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Project Financing

Our Project Financing option is structured to support businesses achieve their developmental goals, while we rely primarily on the project’s cash flow for repayment.

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Short/Medium Term Investment

Seize the opportunity to capitalize on high-yield investments with us, as our offerings provide attractive returns on your investments. With a tenor ranging from...

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Bridge Financing

Is your business running out of funds and you are yet to receive future payments? Our Bridge Financing solution is here to support your...

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Experience the convenience of our E-Channel services, where you can enjoy seamless and hassle-free transactions that meet your daily needs and expectations.

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Local Purchasing Order Financing

Enjoy our loan product specifically tailored to support businesses in fulfilling supply orders from Nigerian corporates and multinationals. We support vendors and suppliers with...

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Gain access to exclusive privileges that come with a host of advantages tailored to enhance your lifestyle.   Experience higher spending limits and unlock...

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